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Ferrolight is a Dutch company founded in 1999 by Ferdinand Verbeek and Marike Bertram-Verbeek. Ferdinand designs the lighting products using only the finest materials and energy-saving LED technology while Marike promotes the company's aesthetic vision to discerning commercial and residential clients worldwide. Together, they deliver lighting of uncommon structural beauty and technical sophistication. Ferdinand and Marike explain their vision: "All fixtures and lighting innovations are created in our own studio. Inspired from the source, we develop our designs by using light that shares the same natural warmth as sunlight. From here we create a fixture as minimalist as possible- beautiful, warm and dimmable light encased in quality design. With an energy label of A + and A ++, each and every design is a technical masterpiece of the highest order. All light objects by Ferrolight Design represent craftsmanship, high-quality design and lighting created with an immense passion for detail, simplicity and handicraft. Every fitting is made from genuine materials such as anodized aluminium, stainless steel and wood. Assembled, checked and packed in our very own studio in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in the Netherlands, we can ensure complete control from A to Z, equaling perfection from start to finish!" V4 Lighting Specialists is pleased to be among the select dealers promoting Ferrolight lighting products in North America.

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